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Maintenance over

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Hey guys,

Maintenance is finally over. We've migrated the servers over and tweaked most of what was mentioned in our blog post.

As a general recap of changes, we:

  • Moved our servers to a new, more stable provider (located in a similar place, so regular latency shouldn't be affected).
  • Upgraded our hardware for further increased performance.
  • Upgraded most of the software we rely on (and operating systems).
  • Removed Cloudflare. Their nodes are often the cause for our website timing out, so this should solve these issues.
  • With Cloudflare removed, setup our own SSL certificates for complete endpoint-to-endpoint encryption.
  • Improved backend database communications, removing a couple of bottlenecks.
  • Switched over to using SendGrid for sending emails, instead of our own mail server. This should greatly improve receive times and deliverability. The forums are also using this.
  • Updated our backup strategy. We've increased how far back our backups extend to, increased the frequency of our incremental backups and allowed for exact point-in-time recovery. The performance hit during these backups should also be even less noticeable now.
  • Updated the compiler the game server's using. This should hopefully improve performance as key logic should now be correctly optimised.
  • Made some tweaks to the website:
    • Resetting seal & VIP storage passwords now behaves like most other requests. You can only initiate one request at a time, and you must click the link in the email for the passwords to change. This helps avoid a lot of the confusion when resetting these, as they could previously be spammed (and thus changed many different times to many different things).
    • Pending emails no longer expire. This was also a source of confusion that not even the website handled correctly in a couple of cases.
    • For pending email reset requests that did expire, a new one will be automatically created on login.
    • Reworked caching. Things should behave a lot more consistently and cause far less issues.
    • Improved general site security and access.

Additionally, we have patch notes here.

Unfortunately, there were a couple of things that didn't make it through the maintenance:

  1. Their beta WTFast-like service which would hopefully further reduce latency for players. We're still back and forthing with their staff about it, so we hope to trial it soon and see how it goes. When it's ready, we should be able to just enable that live & it would only require players to relog to test it. For now though, we're waiting on them to finish looking into some things for us.
  2. The experimental RNG tweaks. They'll be introduced in the next restart.

Also, Gate2shop has apparently not updated our server information so we've had to implement a temporary workaround. As such, payments may not visibly update as fast as normal. Until Gate2shop do this, you may have to reload the store to see your Apex Points update. This should correct itself once they do.

Aside from that, if you spot any issues (that was probably caused by the maintenance) with anything (website, game, store) please let us know immediately.

Thanks for your patience. :)

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