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Patch notes (01/12/2017)

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  • [Hotfix] Fixed a bug with [Red Potions] being allowed to be mailed (causing them to lose their expiration time).
  • Restored NP gain/loss in Bifrost.
  • Weapon rentals:
    • Renamed [Daily Weapon Rental] Soren as his name got reverted in the last USKO update.
    • Rogues will now receive 2 daggers from [Daily Weapon Rental] Soren.
    • He can now be found near the Moradon arenas as well.
  • Delos/Castle Siege War:
    • Castle gates now spawn closed by default.
    • Castle gates will now correctly respawn immediately after the castle is taken.
    • When the castle is taken, all alliance members will now be teleported inside the castle as well.
    • Removed the "capturing" effect when clicking on the crystal in Delos.
    • You may now only party other clan members in Delos.
  • Tweaked party restrictions in the Arena zone as well; you can now only party clan members.

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