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MDMA & AVAR ~ Skill Movie & Apex PvP v2130 # III. Entertainment "Full Starter" (Final Chapter)

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Hello everyone, my last PK video since there is not a user, we want to have a crowded audience who want to have these staged scenes, but the best is here.

Full Starter all scene Q_Q

1080 HD and big screen please.. The reason is to enjoy watching ^^

To see a new ApexKO server
Good luck everybody :rolleyes:

Track List

1- Disturbed - Open Your Eyes

2- Inkyz - Bottle

3- רמיקס - מוטי טקה - בלבלה (Remix - Moti Taka - Balbale (BUSKILAZ)

4- My secret  Mash-UP don't give sorry.

5- Ibrahim Celik & Demet Akalin - Tecrube Re-Mix

6- Mi Gna - Super Sako & Avi Panel Ft. Zehava Cohen (Cobra Re-mix)

7- 4th rules.



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MDMA kanka, you were one of the best assassin players on this server. Inshallah ,we meet again on server :D


Wanted to see you pk as assassin but archery pk was good too. :D the darkness bow is op. :D

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added more info.

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