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Patch notes (10/11/2017)

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  • Mage 75 armor skills now only proc on player hits.
  • Fixed a timing bug with warps; it is no longer possible to bug your character if you happened to be warping extremely fast (note that due to its nature, this was an extremely rare occurrence).
  • Fixed a bug with loading; when warping during loading, it could stop the client from loading and disconnect. This has been fixed.
  • Entering Delos during its registration period with scrolls active will no longer fail them. Note that they were never actually removed (entering another zone restored them).
  • Elections are now automatically stopped when there's no remaining candidates after a candidate Nation Transfers or deletes their character.
  • Added the [Character Deletion] NPC to Moradon, next to both inn hostesses. You can use this NPC to delete any of your other characters.
    See here for more information.
  • Added [Tattoo Artist] Kat to Moradon. You can purchase Solar Tattoos from her for 1bil coins. These tattoos last 7 days.
  • Options editor:
    • The version is now saved correctly.
    • Added the "Blur (post-processing)" option for the in-game "Blur" setting.
    • Added a warning when using "Blur (post-processing)" with "Anti-aliasing (FSAA)" options. This can cause major rendering bugs (particularly for nVidia users).
      • Note: nVidia users still have the option of enabling antialiasing via their nVidia control panel (Manage 3D Settings -> Program settings). Using this with the "Blur (post-processing)" feature renders correctly.
  • Website:
    • Added support for tattoo slots and filled out magic bag slots.
    • Updated all item icons.
    • Fixed the website's timezone so things like "last seen <time>" are now accurate. Previously they were 5 hours off (so "last seen 5 hours, 5 minutes" instead of just "5 minutes").
    • Also updated the server's timezone listed on the website.

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Changelog (follow-up patch)

  • Fixed a bug with Castellan dungeon entry.
  • Fixed Cospre Armor Voucher (5 days) expiration times -- these are now correctly 5 days.
  • Halloween items are now all removed.
  • Reverted Castle Siege War's scheduled time back to 8:00 PM (it was still being scheduled at our temporarily delayed time).
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