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Help me

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Lpp Raum +11>Week BaaL+11>dual rol +3>dual eme +3> Elf belt +3>Aod +3>9 k kc and more maybe .         

GodlessTurtlee,,HatakiKakashi,HATINNNNNNNNN,  same account.

please help me...

my eternal gratitude...

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We cannot help when account sharing is involved.

When there's 4-5 different PCs accessing your account (within the last month alone), and 3 of those are tied to the account your items went to, it's not straightforward enough to do anything about.

I can't help you. This is why we actively discourage account sharing.

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Pretty lowdown that AerQ account had the same issue items taken when sharing an account.

and you guys swiftly gave his items back within the hour... May i ask what is the difference? 

You guys banned the account the items went to. and restored his items. 

Seems like you could force him to open OTP on his account before helping him. 

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The situation is very different. If there's clear evidence of a scam then we can take action, but in this case it isn't even close. You have to remember that when dealing with these cases, we have to be aware of the possibility that the reporter is the one attempting to scam the other player via abusing our willingness to provide restorations in scam cases.

With all the different PCs accessing the "scammed" account, and the fact that the majority of them also had access to the account that the items went to... it could mean any number of things.

Account sharing makes it next to impossible to determine what happened.

And yes, I fully realise that in the past there's been a few cases I've handled that were a little less than clear-cut -- back then, I just put my faith in them and hoped I wasn't making a terrible decision. Unfortunately, they've almost always gone terribly, as the situation is almost never what it appears. Which is exactly why I cannot intervene (I have to learn from my mistakes, after all).

We have plenty of things to prevent this situation from happening:

1. We have 2-factor authentication (OTP). This is free and easy to setup. When registering, it even directs you straight to setup.

2. Item sealing. Unlike official, this is free.

3. Account region control (although in this particular situation, it wouldn't have helped much).

They chose to avoid using our security measures, shared their account, and ultimately paid the price. I say this a lot -- sadly, after the fact -- but account sharing almost always ends badly.

It sucks. I don't enjoy not being able to help, but speaking from (unfortunately, a lot of) experience, unless the case is clear-cut, it's most likely going to just cause problems.

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