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Patch notes (04/11/2017)

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  • Fixed some bugs with respawn logic incorrectly updating the dead player on other players' screens.
  • Fix a bug with respawns not repositioning the dead player correctly, so they'd potentially end up respawning in place without a resurrection.
  • Optimise some stat updates for 30% health & 30% stamina passive logic. In most cases, the player was being unnecessarily updated when no such change occurred (especially for Kurians, who don't even have a 30% health passive).
  • Fixed a long-standing official (at least with older versions, not sure if they fixed it later) bug with merchant stalls not being loaded in certain scenarios (e.g. initially /town'ing - it required a further movement request to load them in). These are now always loaded correctly.
  • Server time adjusted to match schedule.
  • Fixed an issue with some players being able to gain access to the Castellan Dungeon when not in the Delos holder's alliance.

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