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Patch notes (28/10/2017)

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  • Fixed a bug with Draki's Chest exchanges. Players who abused this had appropriate items wiped and the initial reporter was rewarded.
  • Fixed a bug that caused bows to potentially double-proc their skills.
  • Area of Effect procs (e.g. "Splash") now correctly affect all targets around the appropriate player. Previously only the target was affected.
  • Staff defensive procs now trigger correctly. Previously they could only proc if they were in the shield slot (which is obviously not possible).
  • Added support for procs which recover Kurian/Porutu stamina.
  • Fixed a bug causing certain weapon procs to potentially trigger another proc (and so on, and so forth). They will now only ever be able to proc once per hit.
  • Fixed various issues with Dark(Holy) Knight weapon procs, causing them to not apply at all.
    • Note: The mace's proc isn't implemented yet. This will require bigger changes that will take more time. This has been implemented as of the subsequent restart.
  • Made some tweaks which should alleviate disconnection issues for excessively laggy players.

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  • Implemented the Dark(Holy) Knight Mace "anti-heal" effect.
    • This allows damaging enemies with healing spells for half their healing amount.
  • Removed the stacking DoT proc from the Dark(Holy) Knight Mace.
  • Weapon effects can now be proc'd by attacking or being hit by monsters.
  • Monsters will no longer take AoE splash damage from weapon procs when they also hit a player.
    • This is to avoid accidentally pulling monsters while attacking players.
  • Fixed a couple of issues with speedhack detection. This should alleviate issues with disconnects.

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