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Hello everyone :) 

aey2x0.png 2zsxmbt.png se3ns4.png

So funny this kebab is talking so much trash behind my back while he lost against me with dylan 3-0

And we both died when i was with AriaDeCapo also funny thing is AriaDeCapo was full starter and his priest full item and i had a undef wirinom+11 he had chaos wirinom+11 also and result was like equal i didn't record because i didn't had problem with Elior aka JewishAngel wish i did it if i could see future :rolleyes:

The times you won against me was because u always had the best priest in 2vs2 in Apexko (Elior)

And he is talking about that i died let me show you guys something funny:


Chayni(Chris)&Slap(Dylan) Versus CRYMOREFORHONOR(Oguz)&CryMoreSyndra(Kaan)

Ty 3-1

Very nice die with Krowaz Set+11 Csw Emblem Rof+3 :) PS: ty 3000KC tho bought really nice cospre with this :P


YouGotPwndByMyAss(Chris)&ILeja(Elior) Versus iAmAPriest(Dylan)&Chayni(Oguz)

Ty 3-0

S.A hello nice say in pm i lost with dylan while u also lost funny kebab bitch. 

Atleast i lost with dylan because of unfair versus i had 3x kro11 2x roc+3 you had 4x kro11 2x rof+3 nice RalphLauren oldtime account.

And also my priest had 83/0 and no achievement  krowaz set8 gab adamant8 your priest 83/5 Gab Adamant+11 3x kro+11 Hello? And still u lost 1 round tho u won 3-1 :D 


I was with Eden and you didn't die with karim so what?? But u have way more gear Nice Krowaz Set+11 ItzKinky account also Karim nice 2x Priest Krowaz+11 i have just 2x kro11 and my priest full +8

Ty 13-3:

JewishDarius(Chris)&JewishAnqel(Melody) Versus ItzKinky(Oguz)&ItzZlyet(Karim)


We can still do 1vs1/2vs2 i will just log other account no problem.


Rosetta set+8

Full uniques +3 (No Rofs+3)

Full cospre Warrior Attack Pathos.

Raptor/Chaos/Undef+11 no problem for me :) 

We both no use Eden/Elior :) 


Edited by Darius

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