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FT AFK issue

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3 ideas


1. Rotate specter spawns each 10 waves, that way afkers will constantly have to be on the move.

9fc66fd81d3e9b061e18be513f38ec37.png     ->   5f65acc70b0ac2f1008565f39489d8a6.png

So wave 10 red, wave 20 blue, wave 30 red, and so on.


2. Add an unremovable debuff if you remain idle.

Minus 20 to all resistances every 60 seconds of inactivity, stacks indefinitely and prevents adding buffs like mage resistances, fresh mind or magic shield. Can't be cured, lasts 30 minutes.


3. Or simply add an auto-kick if you idle for longer than 3 minutes.

Easy workaround, add a warning every 60 seconds and done.



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The problem with #2 & #3 is that you need to define what "idling" actually means. If you define idling as not using any skills or attacks, then you can just use something every so often to workaround it, while still not actually effectively contributing. Which then leads you down the rabbit-hole of determining what should and shouldn't count, what does actually contribute, how much it needs to contribute for it to matter, etc, etc, etc.

We actually did intend to do something like #1 though, but I guess we got side-tracked with other issues.

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I would say idling is standing still without using any ability.  Sure someone could use a potion or whatever every 60 seconds, but it becomes much more annoying for AFKers to keep that up as opposed to just alt tabbing every now and then when specters are up.

Warnings could stack up (1st warning, 2nd and last warning, removed).

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