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Patch notes (06/10/2017)

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  • Battle Hero wings (Wing of Hero) can now be stored.
  • Wing of Hellfire Dragon Exchange vouchers can now be traded.
  • Belt of Quickness & Old Belt of Quickness can now be found via the buying merchant search feature.
  • Tweaked clan nation transfers:
    • If you've transferred your clan within the last 48 hours, you can now choose to immediately transfer your clan for 2.1bil coins (21GB).
    • The base cost for transfers has also been raised to 1bil coins (10GB).
  • You can now store any number of Cypher Rings at a time. This was previously disabled due to client bugs, but seeing as mgame have fixed this at some point, we've re-enabled this.
  • Fixed a bug with some warp points taking you to coords 0,0.
  • Applicable items no longer show the "can be traded after 72 hours" warning (which we haven't been using for a while).
  • GMs running the Kill the GM events should no longer be affected by any Krowaz curses.
  • Castellan weapons received from the quest are now +8 (was +6).
  • Increased the drop rate of Dragon Scale, Trial and Mythril armor in Ronark Land.
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