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Patch notes (29/09/2017)

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  • Updated client to be on par with official 2.167.
    • Removed our wing visibility setting, as 2.153+ supports setting this option ingame. The options editor has been updated to use the official setting.
    • This also introduces:
      • HD texture support.
      • Tattoos (although these are for the moment, inaccessible ingame).
      • New configurable HUD for viewing your HP/MP/Stamina, etc. See last menu in the in-game options for tweaking or disabling that.
      • Several UIs have also been cleaned up (e.g. buying merchant UI).
      • And other such features available on USKO.
  • Added the new Castellan capes. These last for 30 days and can be purchased at no cost by the winners of Castle Siege War (with a special voucher they're awarded), or via both CONT and coins for everyone else. Note: subclans can choose to use these in place of their alliance's cape.
  • Added the Castellan dungeon. See this post for more information.
  • The King system has been entirely rewritten in an effort to clean things up so things work in a more straightforward and maintainable manner. This should fix our longstanding bugs with it (but also may introduce new ones, so please make sure to report any issues you come across!). This in particular should address issues with nominations/elections not running for one or the other nation, etc.
  • We have also implemented impeachment.
    • To use this, a senator (one of the top 10 clan leaders at the time the King was elected) will need to pay 30mil coins to initiate an impeachment request.
    • Once an impeachment request is active, the other senators need to vote to push the impeachment request.
    • If a majority vote is reached, everyone may then vote to impeach the King.
    • If the King is impeached, they - and all senators - will be removed from their positions. No new King will be elected in their place.
  • As with official, Kings will now receive 2 scepters -- not 1.
  • Rogues are again fully credited for drains.
  • Fixed some issues with alliance cape behaviour.
    • The clan forming the alliance should no longer lose their cape's colour when forming an alliance.
    • Accredited 5 or higher subclans should always use their own cape colour. Minor caveat: it'll attempt to use one even if they don't have one set (i.e. as soon as they become accredited), but they'll at least be able to reliably set this now.
  • Fixed an issue with players remaining on the Ronark Land rankings board after Nation Transferring (for real, this time).
  • The event signup UI's restoration icon is no longer hidden when a new event signup comes through.
    • Previously, when you closed the signup UI and another event came up, the icon for restoring the UI disappeared, while the UI itself didn't show up. This meant that you couldn't see when future events occurred until you restarted the game.
    • Now, since the icon is no longer removed, you can just click on the icon. This isn't perfectly ideal, because it doesn't necessarily mean you'll be aware of new events, but it's an improvement over previous behaviour (ideally we'd reset the signup UI so it always shows up regardless, but this is a lot more complicated to implement than it would appear).
    • Since there's still a possibility of missing out on knowing when the event's started, we now send announcements to inform you that the event's signup is active.
  • To better address the various d3d9.dll issues that have been reported in the past, we've changed how we extend the client's behaviour. We no longer use d3d9.dll for this, so it can be removed.
  • [Update] Fixed a bug plaguing us for a while related to friendly skill targeting. This should fix things like minor healing and any number of other skill fails caused by this.

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