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Patch notes (21/07/2017)

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  • Multiple vote kicks can now take place in events concurrently. This fixes an issue whereby players would preemptively vote-kick another to avoid them from being vote-kicked themselves.
  • Ultima now also spawns in Ronark Land twice a day. Players will have 30 minutes to kill it, otherwise it will leave.
  • Added more ways to farm [Blessed Upgrade Scrolls] in Ronark Land:
    • Beasts now drop them at the same rate as Blood Seekers.
    • Hob Goblins now drop them.
    • Apostles of Piercing Cold and Dragon Tooth Commanders now have increased BUS drop rates.
  • Adjusted Hepa's weapon drops in Ronark Land:
    • Balrogs now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Raptor (+8).
    • Booros now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Shard (+8).
    • Doom Soldiers now also have a chance of dropping Hepa's Iron Bow (+8).
  • Added armour drops to Ronark Land:
    • Titans now drop Dragon Scale and Trial armours.
    • Falcons now drop Mythril armours.
  • Fixed a visual bug with [Wings of Hellfire Dragon Exchange Voucher]: the name now correctly reads 30 days, not 15. Note that it always gave 30 days regardless.

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