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What is ApexKO rules of conduct?

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On 23.06.2017 at 2:40 AM, Sierra said:

Are you talking about stuff like this?

883e1fb688.png 8f8c17cfd2.png

This is 100% bullshit, everybody know by now about your "second chance policy" so people just find more hax and edited tbls knowing that if caught they wont get banned.
And with the knowledge about the game that staff here presents most people will never get caught.
Ofc, some deserve more than second chance, that depends on GMs mood, if the suspect is a part of a big clan and more unclear rules that we dont know of.
Like for example eatyoualive whos been multiclienting on bdws for weeks and is still playing. Whats the purpose of keeping that kind of garbage on apex? No idea.
In result, the staff along with all the dumbasses who cant play KO normally, spit in the faces of legit players.

^Rules of conduct.


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