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Marvellous taiwan range

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Both those are suspicious as hell. Mind you marvellous at least isn't hitting you with R attacks which means he's not close enough for it.

I like how in the twitch clip that scrub ass rogue hits for 2600, 3200, 2100 and 1600 and somehow thinks he's good at the game. Guy should go to the casino more often.

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BTW, Marvellous is a chinese not taiwan.He is glitching too. it works well in this server. I tried it before. I couldn't hit while chasing a sin.After i tried glitch by ilusion,i started to hit that enemy well. Admins say it doesn't work but my feelings say it works here.

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as we all know, these range reports accusations and general sense of mistrust regarding this topic has been chasing (no pun intended) us for quite a while. When analysing this matter, it's very important to keep a clinical eye and understand the semantics of the game and, specially, its flaws. 

To summerize it, the reason we're not doing anything about it is very simple and is as follows: there is absolutely nothing wrong in your video report and in 99.9% of other cheater reports and it is far from sufficing as evidence.

The reasons for that are crystal clear:

1) Knight Online suffers with a lot of issues regarding movement tracks related to different user's latency. It has improved A LOT but it is still faulty. You can check out this very simple example and, hopefully, you'll understand: youtube.com/watch?v=6rVeW3ev7vs (attention on 1:30);

2) In OP's video, it's obvious that he runs out of range on 0:09 and 0:24 second marks;

3) Running in a straight line and with such predictable and stable movement, like OP did, makes it fairly easy for the enemy (chaser) to sustain a stable combo.

4) It is clear that the oposite also happens, it's not a one sided issue, as it was perfectly displayed in VERSACEONTHEFLOOR's video.

5) The "visual glitch effect" performed by Marvellous in your video and many other people (which is the reason why most users believe they are hacking) is simply achieved, and nothing more than setting up a macro to spam an Acid Potion. This accomplishes absolutely nothing. It brings no improvement to your speed whatsoever. I invite you to try it if you don't believe me.

6) Aesteris is working on improving the security checks to finish this once and for all (even though this is not the case).


Best regards,


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so you trying to say its all because of visual bug 

but every player on this server know chines/taiwan warriors/sin hit from out of range 

when i played warrior and vs with some rogue who start run from vs i was not able to hit them more than 1 time 

now im playing sin and when i vs with chines/taiwan warrior and start running they can easy hit me 3-4 time and im die

explain it to me pls because i dont get it

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