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Patch notes (09/06/2017)

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  • Fixed a regression with the regular version of old accessories named the same as the olds (i.e. Old Diamond Ring, instead of Diamond Ring, etc.).
  • Fixed a regression with [Sealed items]. These are now correctly renamed back to [Unbind Items] and their visible purchase price corrected back to 1.1mil.
  • Fixed a bug with auto clan contributions: the server was previously contributing part of the National Points refunded to a player when leaving/being kicked from a clan.
  • The time remaining (seconds/minutes, etc) portion of mute notices is now translated for Turkish players.
  • Fixed a bug with clans: kicking a player from a clan as they login will now correctly fully remove them. Any players previously bugged because of this are now fixed.
  • Overkill damage is no longer counted for NPC/mob reward handling. What this means is, mobs can no longer be KS'd if the user dealt more damage with their hit (regardless of how much health the mob actually had left) than anyone else previously contributed. It now only counts effective damage.
  • Fixed a bug with respawn logic: some movement checks weren't being reset properly here, so players could bug out and be unable to move.
  • [Hotfixed] Skills with magical components now apply the associated magic damage (but still not the physical damage) while Gab's Adamant is active. This fixes skills such as the staff skills being blocked.

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