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Patch notes (05/06/2017)

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  • [Hotfixed] Chaos Dungeon now rewards [Tears of Karividis] to the top 3 players.
  • [Hotfixed] Fixed the invasion quests rewarding [Red Potion]. These can now be correctly turned in again.
  • Added vouchers for 2,000 and 5,000 Apex Points.
  • Added more aggressive auto-muting in Moradon. Mute notices are now also shown in Turkish.
  • Orc Bandit Leader has now returned to Ronark Land, with a chance to drop [Trina's Piece].
  • Riote's name has now been reverted (from "Lyot").
  • War commanders are now correctly assigned when the war ends early and moves into the invasion stage.
  • Fixed a bug with Clan Nation Transfers: side characters of offline characters should now be updated correctly, so as to not cause them to appear to no longer be in the clan (and hence fail accepting the nation transfer).

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