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Patch notes (29/05/2017)

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  • Added a new quest to [Grand Merchant's Daughter] Menissiah called [Chaos] Emblem of Chaos V. In order to complete this repeatable quest, you need to deliver 5 x [Voucher of Chaos] that are acquired in the Chaos Dungeon Event to be rewarded with a [Tears of Karividis].
  • Reworked our event schedule. They will now all happen at the same exact time on every single day and will also follow the times displayed by the in-game schedule ( image.png ) according to your personal timezone. Also, the Border Defense War events that did not run on war days are now included in the schedule.
  • Red potions obtained during wars will now only last an hour (from 2.5 days).
  • Red potions obtained via the invasion quests will now also only last an hour. Existing red potions without expiration times were removed.
  • ** Bugged HP & MP Maestro pots are now removed from accounts. There was a batch of HP & MP Maestro pots purchased a long time ago that failed to expire. This issue was fixed a while back, but we've removed the pots now.
  • Updated client data with USKO 2.154. This adds new skill effects, changes names, tweaks translations, etc.

** IMPORTANT: everyone who had HP and MP Maestro potions that NEVER expired (did not display an expiring message on the item) had them REMOVED as if they expired.

As the Power-Up Store has always said, these last 30 days. As the bug existed (and was fixed) a year ago, these items are supposed to have expired by now, so they've been correctly removed.

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