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Patch notes (12/05/2017)

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  • Fixed "cast failed" issues with Chaos Dungeon; server is now using the correct model for players.
  • Performance improvements for quest NPCs; they should be faster to respond (may or may not be noticeable with lag, but the server notices ^_^).
  • Fixed a bug causing bound items to be unbound on server restart. Note: after maintenance they will be unbound, however it won't happen again for future restarts.
  • Improved distance checks for melee skills on moving NPCs.
  • Added dice roll command: +roll [[min] max]
    • Will output something like: "<player> rolled 5 (1-100)."
    • Can be used in 3 ways:
      • +roll (1 - 100)
      • +roll 1000: (1 - 1000)
      • +roll 500 1000: (500 - 1000)
    • Roll will be visible to the same context. e.g. #+roll will show to your party.
  • +roll can no longer be used in general chat/shouting.
  • Mutes now apply to commands.
  • Fixed Felankor's spawn notice.

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