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Patch notes (09/05/2017)

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  • Made some adjustments to luring restriction logic. This stops Felankor/Ultima from being lured.
  • Fixed bug causing additive National Point buffs to still cause Ladder Point gain where Ladder Points aren't normally earned (e.g. Ronark Land Base).
  • Clan Nation Transfers will now fail if you have a side-character in a clan other than the one being transferred.
    You will need to login to these characters and remove them from their clans before you'll be allowed to transfer.
  • Clan roles (assist, leader, etc.) are now dynamically set from clan data, not separate player data to ensure consistent behaviour.
    This should fix clans that remained bugged from previously fixed issues, and reduce the potential for bugs here in the future. It also means that on the off-chance there are any other bugs, they should become much more evident and easier to track down.
  • Additionally, we've also added some functionality to debug and manipulate clans live, which should avoid the need to restart in order to fix broken clans (if the need arises in the future).
  • War commanders have also been cleaned up:
    • Commanders will now only persist during the war they were assigned. Previously, if you logged out during a war as a commander & logged back in during a future war, you stayed commander (regardless of whether you should have it or not).
    • The player's clan role is no longer affected, which means that the clan list still shows your actual clan role ("Leader") correctly, and all role checks continue to behave correctly.
    • This also fixes an issue with transferring clan leadership while a commander. Previously, afterwards when your commander state was removed, the player-side clan role would wrongfully be set back to leader, instead of whatever your role should have been (i.e. assistant, member).
    • At war time, in addition to the scrolling announcements at the top of the screen, we now send notices in your chat box when commanders have been assigned.
  • Fixed any potential inconsistencies with cast time calculations when the player switches between models (e.g. monster transformation -> war commander). This caused skills to silently fail.
  • With Lunar Wars on Saturday, we've readjusted its event schedule to match Wednesday's. See updated schedule here.
  • Fixed an issue with redundant region updates which caused issues with respawning mobs (only visually; leaving the area and returning showed them correctly).
  • Muted players can no longer send letters.
  • Players with connections that change IP address every new connection (or poorly configured VPNs) are now able to connect to our server.
  • Patch 2.110 fixes a potential client crash when manually dragging [Unbind Items] to the unbind window (right-clicking always worked fine).

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