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Patch notes (05/05/2017)

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  • Fixed a visual bug when previewing accessory compounding / regular upgrades: affected items are no longer visually removed from your inventory.
  • AI: Tweaked NPC hostility logic, so now only Guards or player pets (mage summons included) can attack other NPCs/monsters (and only specifically monsters or other guards).
  • Improved server-side cheat detection.
  • Fixed items not transferring their 'not bound' state when trading/merchanting/receiving via letters. This caused players who purchased these items to be unable to equip them without relogging.
  • Juraid Mountain: Credit for killing Deva Bird will now go to the player who got the killing blow, rather than who dealt the most damage.
  • Skillbar now gets reset when Nation or Class Transferring. This prevents the skillbar from not saving correctly afterwards.
  • Lunar War will now also be run on Saturday at 4:00 PM & 11:00 PM server time.
  • Lunar Wars will now alternate their war zone each week. For example: first week we'll run Alseid's Prairie on Wednesday and Nereid's Island (boat war) on Saturday, second week we'll be running Nereid's Island (boat war) on Wednesday and Alseid's Prairie on Saturday, etc.
  • As the Lunar War has now taken its place, we've removed Sunday's Ronark Land boss event & pushed back Saturday's Ronark Land Base boss event to Sunday instead.
  • Fixed a bug causing OTP users to be unable to login.
  • Patch 2.108 should fix antiviruses wrongfully detecting it as malicious (and hence the "Unexpected error" when starting the client).
  • Patch 2.109 fixes UI positions not being saved correctly.
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