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Patch notes (28/04/2017)

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  • Tweaked kickout logic to work more seamlessly. It should now effectively do what the website does, to save some trouble.
  • "Unbug me from the game" option on the website now simply disconnects the account.
  • Resetting your VIP storage & seal passwords via the website will now update your account ingame, and much quicker at that. This means you no longer need to relog when resetting your passwords.
  • Poison gas DoT in the Bifrost maze is now removed correctly when the player leaves the maze. Previously, it would keep ticking until it either killed you or you managed to leave the Bifrost zone.
  • Fixed a bug causing war commanders to not be loaded correctly.
  • Fully mimicked client logic for cast times per model (we were close, but not quite there). This fixes things like casts failing while using the Sexy Santa transformation.
  • [Hotfixed live] Stealth from [unidentified Potion] now correctly lasts 60s (was 80s).

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