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Patch notes (27/04/2017)

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  • Required items are once again consistently removed when compounding accessories.
  • Fixed skill timing checks being skewed by specific cases that the player didn't specifically initiate. This caused things like scrolls not being restored correctly when a corresponding debuff was removed, as well as generally increasing the fail rate of skills.
  • Stackable/consumable items are now correctly handled by the repurchase list.
  • Expensive items are now added to the repurchase list when they've been vendored.
  • Bound items purchased from vendors can now be bound on equip.
  • Fixed bug with some items not being detected as bound items.
  • Client will no longer show impossible requirements for unbinding some items (e.g. Draki's Pendants), and will thus let you unbind normally. This was fixed in patch 2.105, so please make sure to restart and update if you haven't already done so.
  • [Hotfixed live] Fixed the Apexis Chest rewarded by invasion quests.

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