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Patch notes (26/04/2017)

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  • [Hotfixed live] Temporarily disabled server-side optimisations on movements, as it appears we're optimising out at least 1 case where we should be relaying movement updates. This has been causing players to appear as if they're speed hacking.
  • Using potions during stealth skill casts (Hide, Stealth) will no longer interrupt the cast.
  • When compounding accessories, the client will no longer visually remove your scroll twice. It should also no longer visually bug out the accessories you're compounding, although this was a much rarer occurrence.
  • Fixed a bug causing monsters on the outskirts of the Forgotten Temple to be unattackable.
  • Players with little to no resistances are now affected more by stuns/slows. Previously, there was a very small gap in rates between players with (some) resistances and those without -- this gap has been raised. For everyone else, the rate remains about the same.
  • Removed the Specters that spawned in Forgotten Temple on wave 60 of 61.
  • Added Garges items & Abyss Fire to the buying merchant list.
  • Removed Roneth's AoE and reduced its melee damage.
  • [Hotfixed live] Added Golden Earring to Knight's Medal, Royal Knight's Medal & King's Medal exchanges.
  • Change Ronark Land Felankor's nova effect to act like Volcanic Rock's (1 nova effect instead of 1 per target). This should help with FPS drop issues. Also reduced its AoE damage.
  • Fixed a bug with skill timing checks. As a result, these should be a lot tighter now.
  • Fixes to bound items:
    • When repurchasing deleted bound items, they will once again become bound.
    • We now correctly detect which items should be bound, so these items now must be bound to equip.
    • We also now enforce the correct quantity of "Sealed Items" required to unbind them.
    • Renamed the inn host(ess)'s menu button for bound items, to make it clearer. It now reads "Bind item / Unbind item" (was "Seal / Cancel", which caused some confusion with the similarly named button for actual sealed items).
  • Expiration items that don't otherwise prohibit it can now be deleted & repurchased. Their times will now also be restored correctly. It should be noted that if these expire before the 3 day repurchase period elapses, they will not be recoverable.
  • Power-Up Store items (specifically items that state they can be traded after 72 hours) can now be deleted.
  • Fixed a bug with the server not enforcing certain items to be deleted.
  • Items expiring while in cospre slots will no longer visually remove items from equipped slots.
  • Consumable expiration items are now fully removed upon expiry, instead of just consuming 1 use.
  • The "Take the secret documents" quest now offers you the potion after accepting the quest (instead of requiring you to buy it first), and also when returning to the NPC without a potion while the quest is still in progress. This means if you logout and return to the quest later without a potion, or you fail it the first time and waste your potion, you don't have to abandon the quest.
  • Quests now reset their progress upon loss of their required items when they're in the "before compensation" state to prevent them from getting bugged.
  • "Finding the lost soul" quest will no longer remove [sealed Soul] upon death. The quest will also no longer reset on logout while it's in the "before compensation" state, so you can disconnect/relog and still turn it in after obtaining the [sealed Soul].
  • Items considered expensive (100K or above from NPCs) are now added to the repurchase list.
  • Added [sealed Items] to Sundries at a cost of 1mil coins per. Also reduced their prices in the Power-Up Store.
  • Renamed [sealed Items] to [unbind Items] for clarity.
  • Removed rewards from some Moradon achievements, which were being used to farm Monster Stones at a rate much faster than intended.
  • Fixed a bug with clan rollback logic (when a player who's contributed a significant amount of National Points left the clan), which caused clans to not lose their cape correctly on restart.

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