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Patch notes (22/04/2017)

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  • Added 2.103 which fixes some movement issues (particularly with Genie).
  • Fixed a server crash caused by yesterday's update, which caused AI to completely die.
  • Fixed a bug with [Daily] Felankor Hunt quest not being able to be turned in if you've already turned in [Daily] The Bifrost monsters I for today.
  • Also fixed [Daily] The Bifrost monsters I not showing up in the menu correctly on reset.
  • Fixed a bug caused by yesterday's patch which prevented being kicked out from inaccessible zones when relogging, causing you to simply disconnect on character selection.
    • This was temporarily fixed by forcing you back to Moradon on relog if you were in an expired instance, or in a war zone (regardless of whether the war was active).
    • With the restart, this has been fixed properly so kickouts will work as they always have, and this workaround was removed.
  • Tweaked mining rates to remove & reduce the drop rate of some of the more useless items, and also decrease the drop rate of Nest Scraps & Scrap of Steel slightly. Players should no longer receive the "No item found" message, but it was normal/expected regardless.
  • Removed Silver Bars, Menissiah's Vouchers and Monster Stones from Felankor's Box and added Trina's Pieces in their place. Drop rates were improved around them.

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