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Patch notes (21/04/2017)

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  • "Disturbing the enemy base" quest now rewards Menissiah's Official List Coupon [1hr] instead of the item itself. This can be exchanged at Kayra in Moradon.
  • Added new quests Ultima Hunt and Felankor Hunt to [Outpost Captain] in Ronark Land.
  • Fixed siege weapons being cancelled when lowering their ladder/bridge.
  • Cleaned up warp gate logic to prevent minor abuse (i.e. teleporting to zones accessible via any warp gate, so long as you meet all requirements to enter the zone).
  • Players will no longer lose scrolls when an applicable debuff expires while they're silenced by the "Full Skill Gear" (great confusion / chaos) curse.
  • Players will no longer be able to load into Ronark Land right as the war starts.

    Previously a small window existed while the client is loading where the player wasn't technically in the zone, so the server didn't kick them from it.

    This window has been removed, so players will be kicked as soon as their client loads.

  • In addition to the above, we also fixed an issue where if the server tried to move you into another zone while loading, the client would still load into the original zone you were kicked from.

    In this case, the server would still see you in the new zone, so you'd still see the correct spawns and other players, but the client would be in a different zone entirely so you'd become stuck in place due to server-side collision.

  • War commanders are now assigned at the 5 minute mark (was 10min).
  • Heavily optimised movement-related traffic to reduce the strain on the client (as well as the reduced bandwidth and lag that comes with it).
  • Invasion monuments now respawn instantly.
  • Spawn timeouts are now always used; Ultima will now be despawned correctly in invasions.
  • Fixed a bug with improper memory access, which ultimately caused players to take very little damage from other players with an item in a specific slot with very specific conditions which potentially changed every time we updated the server (I know, right?).

    Due to the unpredictable and obscure nature of this bug, it wasn't something that was readily abused -- and if it was, it was never for long because server updates caused the conditions for it to change.

    Nevertheless, this issue has been painstakingly tracked down and fixed so nobody else has that very minor chance of experiencing it (we've had only 2-3 known cases of this in the several months since the bug was introduced on 13 Sep 2016).

  • [Manager] Eliot and [Manager] Roktar NPCs now give National Points during invasions.
  • Fixed respawn times for objects (e.g. gates, levers) during wars; they will no longer respawn during a war.
  • All clans are now included in rankings, and clan rankings are now updated at the start of every war for the sake of assigning commanders. This means if none of the top clan leaders are online, other clan leaders have a chance at it too, i.e. there should never not be any war commanders.
  • Added 2.103 which fixes some movement issues (particularly with Genie).

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