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Patch notes (19/04/2017)

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  • Debuffing monsters/NPCs no longer generates threat.
  • Tweaked bracket handling in Chaos Dungeons to fix chaos cube items / rewards in instances with less than 6 players.
  • Fixed bug causing buying merchant messages to not show up.
  • Fixed a bug with the website / Power-Up Store causing it to not allow you to login with special characters in your display name.
  • Removed requirement to unequip all items before rebirthing. Redistributing rebirth stats, however, still requires you to unequip your items.
  • "Disturbing the enemy base" quest now allows you to take the quest so long as you have [Fake Information Paper], instead of if you've completed the quest which gave it sometime that day.

    This means you can do the prerequisite quest one day, and do the Ronark Land quest another. It also means there's no confusion if you got rid of the paper since.

  • Expiring equipped cospre items / fairies are now properly removed, so we no longer have to disconnect players when the Oreads fairy expires.
  • Transformations no longer break when relogging.
  • Fixed potential bug where blink timer could break things (transformation state, etc).
  • Players can no longer be attacked while still loading into the game.
  • Arrows can now only cancel casts if they deal damage. This specifically fixes attacks still cancelling casts while Gab's Adamant is up.
  • Fixed death notices showing for Aztec curse suicides in PvP zones (they previously only worked correctly in arenas).
  • Invasion monuments now respawn every 1 minute (was 10).
  • Tweaked skill cancellations to ensure they only ever proc once per attempt (in case this is why rates feel too high).
  • Fixed mining rates to enable Scrap of Steel to drop. (hotfixed)

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