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Patch notes (10/04/2017)

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  • Fixed bug when leaving Juraid Dungeon or failing to enter a Monster Stone instance, which caused players to receive the "Already participating in instanced dungeon" error.
  • Rebirthed characters are now exempt from event NP requirements.
  • Added the "<name>captured enemy nation's Top-Secret successfully" / "Top-Secret has been captured by enemy Nation" notices to the "Capture the secret documents" quest
  • Tweak logic to hopefully correct an issue with skills with static rates like "Shock Stun".
  • Clans can no longer be disbanded with items or coins still in the clan bank.
  • Once again, fixed an issue with mage guard summons causing them to be mobile.
  • All taxes now get capped.
  • Fix a bug with some server rental items not expiring after relogging.
  • When premium terms expire, they should now correctly update & rollover to any other available premium you may have.
  • Due to an unforeseen client limitation that we're still dealing with, when Oreads expires, you will now be forcefully disconnected (sorry -- it's unavoidable for now). If you can unequip it before it expires, you won't be disconnected.
  • Forgotten Temple monsters should now aggro by default.
  • Monsters should now use skills more often, rather than just meleeing.
  • Specters in particular should now AoE more often.
  • Stealth should now break if you use potions, minor heal or (in the case of priests using invisibility potions) heal players.
  • Fixed a bug with some secondary skills not being detected as such, amongst other things, means some skills aren't attempting to cancel casts twice.
  • Removed Deva Bird's mana drain.

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