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Common problems & solutions

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Client doesn't start when I press "Start" on the launcher


Make sure you allow the client in your antivirus and reinstall.

You can also try right-clicking on the launcher and "running as Administrator".


Client says "Unexpected error" when starting


As with the above error, your antivirus has probably deleted required client files.

Allow the client in your antivirus (Windows Defender can block these too!) and reinstall.


Can't login to the game: "Your e-mail address needs to be verified" error


Please check your e-mail address for an e-mail from us. Click the link contained in this e-mail and in up to 1 minute you should be able to log into the game.

If you don't see any e-mails, first be sure to check your junk/spam box. Failing that, you can log into our website and resend the e-mail.


Can't login to the game: "Account currently in use" error


When you hit "OK", it should already disconnect you and log you in.


If it for some reason gets stuck (this, however, should be fixed), you can disconnect your account via the "unbug me" option on our website.

Please note that this option only shows when you're logged into the game.




Didn't get my Newcomer's Package?


Make sure you free up 6 slots in your inventory and then relog. You will receive your Newcomer's Package.


Why can't I store the Cospre items / Name Change Scroll I get from my Newcomer's Package?


There's no need to -- you can obtain a Newcomer's Package on each of your characters by simply logging into them!

Each will get their own individual package usable by only them.


Can't use my Monster Stone: "Currently participating another instanced dungeon" error


You will need to restart Knight Online for this. (this issue should now be fixed)

Thanks for your patience.


Can't trade bound items? (e.g. Krowaz, Draki's)


You need to unbind them first. Note: repurchasing them is NOT unbinding them.

To unbind them:

1. Talk to an Inn Hostess.

2. Click the "Bind Item / Unbind Item" button.

3. Put your bound item in the slot.

4. It will tell you how many [unbind Items] you need. You can buy these from Sundries or the Power-Up Store.

5. Once you have enough, put these in as well, and you can then unbind your item.

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