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Patch notes (07/04/2017)

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  • Added a requirement of 800 National Points for signing up to events.
  • Fixed a bug causing event signup UIs to break on zone change if you'd signed up.
  • Event signup UIs should no longer desync from the server.

Juraid Mountain

  • You will now be prompted to sign up to Juraid Mountain from anywhere in-game, as with other events. This should allow more people to participate in the event.
  • The signup NPC remains usable for signing up, and no longer always tells you it's the wrong time.
  • Tweaked rewards: players will now additionally receive a Monster Stone

Forgotten Temple

  • Logging out during the event will now remove you from the event.
  • Added strategically placed Specters to the event to help punish AFKers.
  • Tweaked rewards: instead of an Apexis Chest, players will now receive a Krowaz chest and a Dragon's Scale

Lunar Wars (invasions)

  • Increased National Points given by monument blessings by 5x (so 1,000 NP for the first blessing, subsequent blessings give 500 NP).
  • Added invasion quests (for both attacking and defending) which are accessible via the Karus Commanding Officer & Elmorad Commanding Officer NPCs which were added to the Karus & El Morad zones (more info on the quests below).
  • Ultima now spawns at the end of an invasion.

Boss events

  • Removed Harpy Queens.

Monster Stone

  • The final boss Revenge Knight is now guaranteed to drop an old unique.

Quests / NPCs

  • [Grand Master] Kaishan has been cleaned out and the Nation Transfer process has been simplified.
  • Added [Clan Manager] Adelia to Moradon, giving clan leaders the option to transfer their clan. This feature costs 800,000,000 coins and can only be used once every 48 hours. GMs will no longer transfer clans.
  • Updated weapon rentals in Ronark Land to rent out Garges (+11) for 1 hour each day for an increased cost of 150,000,000 coins. This NPC is now [Weapon Rental] Soren.
  • The Danger from Monsters quest from the [Ascetic] NPCs in Eslant now reward <selfname> (+8) weapons.
  • The Danger from Monsters II quest from [Outpost Captain] in Ronark Land now rewards <selfname> (+8) weapons.
  • All quests that reward EXP from [Outpost Captain] in Ronark Land were increased to reward 7.5% EXP (10% with premium). This should make it easier to rebirth without having to stop PKing.
  • Added war invasion quests via the Karus Commanding Officer and Elmorad Commanding Officer NPCs in Karus and El Morad zones.

    Completed invasion quests reset every invasion, however if you haven't managed to finish your quest, progress will carry over.

    For defenders:

    • Holding our Ground: defenders must kill 40 invaders. Reward: 2 x Krowaz Chest
    • Defending Bellua / Asga: defenders must recapture the Bellua / Asga monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest
    • Defending Linate / Raiba: defenders must recapture the Linate / Raiba monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest
    • Defending Luferson / El Morad: defenders must recapture the Luferson / El Morad monument 3 times. Reward: 1 x Upgrade Scroll 100% to +6
    • The Ultima Defense: defenders must kill the invading Ultima. Reward: 1 x Ultima Chest
    For invaders:
    • On the Offensive: invaders must kill 40 defenders. Reward: 2 x Red Potion
    • Invading Bellua / Asga: invaders must overrun the Bellua / Asga monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest
    • Invading Linate / Raiba: invaders must overrun the Linate / Raiba monument 2 times. Reward: 2 x Apexis Chest
    • Invading Luferson / El Morad: invaders must overrun the Luferson / El Morad monument 3 times. Reward: 1 x Upgrade Scroll 100% to +6
    • The Ultima Attack: invaders must kill the invading Ultima. Reward: 1 x Ultima Chest
  • Implemented and otherwise fixed up [Analyst] Julius/Caesar's daily CZ quests:
    • All quests are now available daily (as opposed to some quests only being available on certain days).
    • Take the secret document of enemies is now implemented and rewards Oreads Voucher [1hr]
    • To find the lost soul is now implemented (with its quest timer) and rewards DC Premium [1hr]
    • Find the Spies is now implemented and rewards a Golden Mattock and 500 National+Ladder Points
    • Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land is now implemented and rewards Menissiah's Official List (see below) + 500 National Points.
    • As Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land requires the infiltration quest from [Tactical] Josiah/Grace in Luferson / El Morad Castle, this quest has also now been implemented.

Drops / Monsters

  • Felankor has been moved to the bowl in Ronark Land & its drops updated. As with Isiloon, there will now be a server-wide announcement when Felankor is about to spawn.
  • Latenoid (Ultima) has had its drops updated. Its name was also changed back to Ultima.
  • Felankor has had its drops updated.
  • Evil WizardsBooros, Balogs, and Doom Soldiers in Ronark Land have all had their drops updated to include Ron's Mage parts & Exceptional Hepa's (+6) pieces.
  • Added Ultima Chest, which can drop various Krowaz pieces/weapons, shell armours, and more. These are obtainable from our invasion quests.
  • Buffed Ultima's damage slightly (also made him bigger and scarier!).
  • Monsters should no longer cancel casts.


  • Removed some useless (at this point) drops.
  • Added Nest Scrap
  • Added Scrap of Steel
  • Added Monster Stones


  • All players old and new will receive a Newcomer's Package, which includes Cospre vouchers, a Wings of Hellfire voucher and a Name Change Scroll. The Name Change Scroll must be used within 24 hours.
  • Players can no longer use scrolls or other persistent buffs with transformations (or vice versa).
  • Fixed an issue with Clan Transfers; when players attempted to refuse the transfer, they found the responses were flipped in the "are you sure you want to leave the clan" confirmation. These have been flipped back for consistency. Additionally, we simplified the wording of the responses. Between these two changes, players should no longer feel like they were forced to transfer (or that it "bugged").
  • Freezing Distance can now only freeze a target if they're not already frozen, rather than extending the duration of the debuff.
  • Implemented what we consider server rental items. These are now used by the [Weapon Rental] NPC (amongst other things), in place of regular expiration items.

    These items show you the time remaining on the item, realtime (as opposed to just the expiration time).

  • Implemented support for quest timers (as used by the Finding the lost soul quest).
  • Implemented support for the infiltration teleport scrolls (as used by the infiltration quest).
  • Fixed a couple of bugs with the [Arrange Line] item which is used for changing your characters' positions on the selection screen. This should now always work correctly.
  • Updated the [Gear Dispenser] in Moradon:
    • Added Fire, Lightning & Glacier Hepa's Elixir Staff (+11) weapons (replacing the original Elixir Staff weapons that were sold)
    • Added Elysium (+11)
    • Added Hell Blood (+11)
    • Added Garp (+11)
    • Added Light Belt of Life (+1)
  • Fixed a bug with rebirthing causing it to reset some quests / internal tracking that shouldn't be reset.
  • Fixed a bug with monthly quests acting as if they were weekly quests.
  • Added Menissiah's Official List item. This lets you search merchant stalls for items, as well as teleport to them directly & PM the vendors.

    You can purchase this from the Power-Up Store for 379 Apex Points, or obtain it via the Disturbing the enemy base in Ronark Land quest from [Analyst] Julius/Caesar in Ronark Land.

  • Improved cheat detection for some types of hacks.

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