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Patch notes (22/03/2017)

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  • Fix bug with some skills (Divide Armour, Iron Wall) breaking players holding the Pathos Fragment in Border Defense War.
  • Player HP bars will now go grey as with official when the Aztec curse is active.
  • The Aztec curse now correctly detects all potions, as with the Sweet Kiss curse.
  • Nerfed Felankor's HP & defense by 30% to allow more clans to be able to kill it.
  • Removed the stealth fade timer; stealth will now kick in immediately, as with official.
  • Fixed a bug with Nation Transfers bugging signup queues & causing unbalanced instances.
  • Players are now also automatically disconnected upon Nation / Class Transferring to avoid any other incidents involving players in bugged out states.
  • Fixed a bug caused by appointing clan members that are offline as assistants.
  • Fixed an exploit involving the Clan Nation Transfer feature.
  • HP/Mana debuffs like Parasite/Superior parasite now work on monsters as well.
  • Some fixes to character sealing:
    • Cypher Rings can only be traded/merchanted to players of the same nation, to avoid being able to unseal characters of the opposite nation.
    • Added some missed checks for Cypher Rings to merchanting (to buying & selling merchants) to avoid being able to possess 2 sealed characters at a time (and break the client).
    • Nation Transferring while in possession of a sealed character will now also Nation Transfer the sealed character.
    • Cypher Rings can no longer be mailed.
    • Fixed several bugs with Cypher Rings bugging after being transferred to other players.
  • Fire Rain curse no longer affects monsters.
  • Fixed a bug inadvertently caused by the Smokescreen patch allowing AoE in arenas to harm the caster.
  • Fixed a stability issue that could result in a server crash.
  • Fixed some bugs caused by leaving alliances when a clan is performing a Nation Transfer.
  • Fixed a discrepancy with how we divvy up XP/NP from monster/NPC kills (previously the pool would be out of everyone who contributed, as opposed to only those applicable for the reward.)
  • Shovelled away the snow and cleared away all of the Christmas decorations. They've been around for too long :)
  • Fixed a typo with the "Deadly Poisonous" title.

You can update to 2.097 via the launcher or manually, here:



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