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Patch notes (21/02/2017)

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  • Fixed a bug with the Bifrost draw timer causing it to effectively not be a thing. Bifrost should now behave correctly in this regard now.
  • Kurian "Pull" skill no longer affects NPCs/artifacts, as this tended to cause things to break. It still works on monsters (which is unofficial behaviour, but intended here).
  • Mage guard summons are now stationary.
  • Fixed a bug with teleport skills (including things like Kurian's Pull/Dash skills) causing them to not respect certain logic and bug out the affected player/monster. Update: Fixed an issue that arose from this which broke some teleports.
  • Projectiles should no longer affect players that have teleported / /town'd / died (they will still follow, but will no longer do any damage).
  • Maestro potions are now included as potions by the Diet curse.
  • Fixed a bug with transformations via curses; they should now be reverted correctly.
  • Players affected by skills (e.g. debuffs) that teleport away at roughly the same time as the cast will now still be visibly affected by it.
  • CSW crystal healing has been nerfed to 20% of the effective healing.
  • Loot range has been increased for ranged classes that were previously on the outskirts and have their loot "stolen" by someone who is still in range.
  • Ranged attacks no longer trigger lightning/fire/ice armour buffs.
  • No longer credit the caster of the undead curse for the kill; as per official, these are now considered suicides.
  • Fixed a potential cause for players to get 'stuck' in-game.

Please remember to report any issue you experience with the patch. Thankyou :)

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