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The Achievement Menu

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Type /achieve in chat, and find out what tasks you need to perform in order to unlock titles and even chest rewards!


If you completed a task that has a chest on top of it, click on the chest and you'll receive whatever is inside.


Titles unlocked through achievement can be equipped by opening your character menu (press "U") and going into the Achieve tab. Titles will be attached to your in-game name and they can be changed at any point. Titles can also give you small stat boosts (STR, DEX, HP, etc) so look out for powerful titles!


Here's a detailed list of achievements and how to acquire them (in turkish): https://www.frmtr.com/knight-online/5778860-achieve-unvanlar-ve-ozellikleri-title-not-obtained-repli-konu.html



Have fun in game!

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