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Alpha Goodbye

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ApexKO without Alpha is just pexKO

Most likely the BEST, GM I've ever seen. Your dedication to community was amazing and you were always there when you were needed :)

Hope you will return to team soon.
I wish you all the best in your future endeavors.

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It has been an amazing journey for me and it's hard to say goodbye but the time came where i had to decide what's more important for me.

We've made it through more than one year and i'm very proud we managed this long together.


Plenty of users changed during the year for the better and i'm proud plenty of you managed to put anger aside and help us when we struggled the most.


I hope you realize a lot of effort has been put into the server from Twostars, Aesteris, me and the complete GM team. 

I'm aware our decisions weren't always perfect but we always wanted the best possible for the server, we (and I) truly cared.


I'm confident Apex KO has plenty more to give even if i'm not here and if you're going to support them i'm more than sure they'll deliver.  ^_^



Goodbye my little Apexians.


Feels right to have this here.



Take care man, 

See you in any other project.



PS: yeh, we work all time together lol.

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looks likes it time for GM Bergundy to take over.....



Goodluck with your future endeavours! Won't be the same without you.

Gm_Xýtam I think you meant.



Good bye Alpha, love you <3


Join PoE Noaw!

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