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Halloween event

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Hey everyone,


We've prepared a nice event for everyone to enjoy (and hopefully boost some PK!) during the Halloween season.


Starting from today, Pumpkins will be spawning in Ronark Land bowl (only attackable with R-attacks), and they'll be rewarding you 50 - 80 NP upon killing them, as well as a Halloween Mask Box. The box is exchangeable at [VIP Manager] Juliane.


Some loot includes :


  • Knight Online 12 year Anniversary Emblem (7 days)
  • Battle Hero Wing Exchange Coupon (7 days)
  • Cospre Armor Exchange Coupon (3 days)
  • Krowaz Chest
  • Halloween Cane
  • Halloween Spear
  • Halloween transformation scroll
  • 4 different Halloween masks (7 days)


We hope everyone has a great Halloween and we look forward to seeing you all in Ronark Land! :)


These Halloween spawns will be removed during next maintenance - so be sure to get in there and reap the rewards!

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