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[Guide] Manufacturing Draki's Pendants and Draki's Revenge activity

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With the release of Draki's Revenge comes the release of Draki's Pendants! You'll be able to manufacture these at [Hepa Pupil] Shozin in Moradon.


All of the materials are obtainable exclusively through the "Old Draki's Supply Box" and "Superior Draki's Supply Box", these drop from ALL monsters inside the Draki's Revenge event (rate depends on the monster). These Supply Boxes are opened at the NPC [Trader] Moira.



To access the Draki's Revenge event, you need to enter through the Draki's Rift in El Morad Castle if you're human, or Luferson Castle if you're orc. Once inside you need to clear through multiple floors filled with monsters in a timed event. Average completion time is 12 minutes. Protip: If you're a priest or mage, you can use the [Attack] from the National Enchanter NPC that spawns occasionally inside this dungeon. It will boost your damage output significantly!



To start manufacturing a Draki's Pendant, you will first need an EMPTY Draki's Pendant.



Draki's Pendants have 3 levels of upgrades available to them, the first level is chosen by you depending on which of the 5 stat-specific jewels you use.


First level upgrade:


This upgrade will determine which is the main stat that your Draki Pendant will have.


  • 1x Empty Draki Pendant.
  • 1x Jewel of [Stat] (shown above, detailed right below)

You can choose between :

  • Jewel of Strength (STR / HP bonus)
  • Jewel of Dexterity (DEX / HP bonus)
  • Jewel of Intelligence (INT / HP bonus)
  • Jewel of Magic (MP / HP bonus)
  • Jewel of Philosopher (INT / MP bonus)

Executing the upgrade process will result in a Draki Pendant enhanced to a level that identified by a letter. S, A, B, C or D (S is the best, D is the worst). The outcome is random for every single of the 3 required upgrades.


After upgrading a Draki's Pendant to the first level, you can then upgrade it to level 2 by using the Jewel of Hardness.


Second level upgrade:


This will add weapon defenses to the Pendant. The S variant will add 12 of every weapon defense to your Draki Pendant!


  • 1x Draki Pendant of [Stat name] S, A, B, C or D.
  • 1x Jewel of Hardness (shown above)

Note that this and the following upgrade are optional. If you got unlucky with a subpar Draki Pendant of Dexterity D, you don't need to spend a Jewel of Hardness on it.

After the process is complete, your Draki Pendant of [Stat] will have two letters next to its name. Example: Draki Pendant of Strength S.B


Finally, you can upgrade the pendant to level 3 by using the Jewel of Absorption.


Third level upgrade:


This will add HP recovery to the Pendant.


  • 1x Draki Pendant of [Stat] upgraded to the second level (two letters)
  • 1x Jewel of Absorption (shown above)

This upgrade will determine the HP recover values that your Draki Pendant will have. S, being the best variant, can give up to 5 HP recovery on every hit against enemies! (For reference, Scorpion Scythe is one of the very few items that have HP recovery on hit).


That's all there is to Draki's Pendants, good luck manufacturing them! :)

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I do not understand publish the Turkish



Draki's Revenge yayinlanmasiyla birlikte yeni kolye eklenmistir!
Bu kolye'yi Moradon'da [Hepa Pupil] NPC'de uretebilirsiniz.
Gerekli olan butun malzemeleri "old draki's supply box" ve "superior draki's supply box" kutularindan cikartabilirsiniz. Bu kutulari Draki's Revenge event'deki  butun canavarlardan dusurebilirsiniz. (dusurme orani canavar'a baglidir)
Kolye imalat baslamak icin, ilk once "bos draki's pendant" gerekiyor.
Draki kolye'nin 3 farkli seviyesi bulunmaktadir. Ilk level'i kendiniz seciyorsunuz. 
Her hangi birisini secebilirsiniz
1. Jewel of Strength (str ekler)
2. Jewel of Dexterity (dex bonus ekler)
3. Jewel of Intelligence (int bonus ekler)
4. Jewel of Magic (mp bonus ekler)
5. Jewel of Philosopher (MP ve INT bonus ekler)  [hp bonus'u yoktur]
Draki kolye'yi ilk seviye yukselttikten sonra, level 2'e yukseltmek icin "Jewel of Hardness" kullanmaniz gerekmektedir.
Bu silah defense ekler kolye'ye
Son olarak, kolye'yi level 3 yukseltmek icin "jewel of absorption" gerekmektedir.
Bu HP recovery ekler kolye'ye
P.s. hopefully this helps for now until officials translate it in a better way lol

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