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Frequent disconnects

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EDIT : Maintenance has been completed and the server is back online :)



Hey everyone,


As I'm sure many of you are very frustrated by the at this point very frequent disconnects happening at random intervals, we'd like to let you know that it's something that's being worked on by the hosting company, and is expected to be resolved fully by the hosting company on  08/28/2016 02:00AM CEST.


The following is the complete maintenance announcement of our hosting provider :




Dear, Customers.

We've identified (through customer reporting and nightly testing) an intermittent packet loss issue towards one of our racks in Amsterdam/DBA facility. This issue is happening since Aug/26 at random times/intervals.

Currently, we've scheduled with our team, the maintenance window to replace the rack switch and the optical fibers of the 2x10 Gbps set.

The scheduled time for the replacement procedure is between : Aug/27 23:30 to Aug/28 02:00 (CEST).

** There will be disconnections, packet loss or downtimes during this maintenance, since all cables will be replaced, please make sure to warn your users/customers. **



We apologize for the major inconvenience this has brought to most of our players and we're currently thinking about ways on how to make up for it.


Thank you for your continued support in these hard times! :)

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