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Cartel vs Vatan (Clan War)

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The VS will be most likely hosted in Stadium of vengeance that means we'll be able to have spectators.

Important things that you've missed:

  • How do you wish the VS to be decided. (Rounds / Kills)
  • What time do you wish the VS to start and the date. (You've mentioned it to me on our Facebook page but it will be easier clearing it up here)


You might have not finished the topic yet,i just want to make sure all the information is ready when we decide to host it. :)


Also to explain how VS in rounds work:

  • You can teleport / resurrect users in the VS. (#1 option)
  • Once you die you can't return. (#2 option)


^You can choose those rules however you wish to,but it's good letting me know. :)

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