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ApexKO 6 month celebration

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Hail knights,



The path we endured in the past 6 months together was difficult, yet here we are standing strong!

We would like to thank you once again for the support you showed us, and without you we couldn't have done it!


As such, we'll be hosting a variety of events during this weekend, so be sure to attend! :)


#1 Free cospre (5 Days)



  • Cospre armor
  • Wings Of Hellfire
  • Pathos Gloves

To claim this set, log in to any character on your account (package limited to 1 per account!), with 5 inventory space, and you'll receive the package! (If you do not have 5 inventory space, simply make space and relog)


#2 Castle Siege War 

  • Castle Siege War moved up for 1 hour to show respect for Ramadan. (Enables Muslim users to join after it)
  • National Point increase to 150% during Castle Siege War.
  • Special reward for Castle Siege War winner! 

- Special Castle Siege War reward! (Knight Online emblem)   


NOTE: At the time victory is announced in Castle Siege War, you MUST have enough inventory space to receive the emblem, if you do not, you will NOT be able to receive the item afterwards through a GM.






#3 Clan Wars


Manual clan wars can be arranged within leaders and GM Alpha.

Clan War will be monitored by atleast one GM to make sure it's clean and played by the rules.


How do you sign up?

  • Get at least 8 clan members.
  • Talk to other clan leader and decide when you wish to VS. (Agree on a certain time and send it to Alpha)
  • Decide what you wish to VS for. (Items, coins, Apex Points)
  • GM Alpha will take your bets and give it to the winners once one clan has won.
  • How to win? That will be decided by the rules you guys wish to play with. (Number of kills / rounds)
  • GM Alpha will need to know the time 24 hours before the actual war starts.


This is only temporary, soon we will have an automated clan war system!



#4 Weekend events 

  • 100% NP increase from Friday (17.6) to Sunday (19.6)
  • Sunday Boss event (15:00 CET / 21:00 CET)


#5 Power-Up Store Apex Points bonus

  • Sale lasts until 20/06/2016

      $5.00     - 500 AP     -> 550 AP

      $10.00   - 1050 AP   -> 1150 AP

      $20.00   - 2125 AP   -> 2325 AP

      $30.00   - 3250 AP   -> 3550 AP

      $50.00   - 5500 AP   -> 6250 AP

      $100.00 - 11500 AP -> 13000 AP



Thanks for being a part of Apex KO, we will continue to strive to create the best KO experience there is!

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