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Anticheat improvement

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Because of the recent events we found evidence of two users abusing TBL.

This is why we're going to take the first step into keeping the server as secure as possible.

The users listed below will be given the minimum penalty of 3 days (72 hours) - this is only because we haven't yet set a TBL rule.

Abusing TBL on any kind of occasion will after restart give you a permanent ban, no matter who you are or how you helped us in the past, rules will apply the same for everyone.


List of users banned for 72 hours:

  • BLu3HayaTR
  • NiaxPavv
  • LostMarket
  • LostLegends (Played on LostControl at that time)

Both clan leaders will be banned because we don't want kingship to be taken by users that cheat / have cheated in the past.


Today's patch introduces a few new anti-cheat measures, such as skill cancelling being moved server side - in fact; the TBL changes pushed to you guys today is effectively a cheat on every other server out there except for ours as the server will be cancelling your skills instead.

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So to clear things up. It wasn't LostControl using the TBL. And Lostlegend never really logged into LostControl prolly a few times and that is already a while ago ( at least 2 weeks )

All  accusations on our 2vs2  or about LostControl using TBL etc. are just invalid.

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