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Recent hackers

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Because of video proof of recent hack attempts we decided of doing some additional investigating.

Users under investigation right now are: Blu3HayaTR & LostControl.


What's going to happen now?

  • Friday before the patch me and Aesteris will take a look at logs to compile the proof.
  • If user will be found guilty they're looking at a ban punishment.
  • This will be the last warning case on any kind of hacking,if you have the time to try and abuse the game you have the time to wait for your ban to be lifted.


If there are more users that you wish us to investigate please send me a message and i'll check those together with these.


Most of the proof posted is pretty valid but i rather talk to Aesteris before taking this kind of action.


Special thanks to the users that are giving effort into keeping our server clean! 


P.s. Friday after the patch there are going to be some more updates regarding this to make sure we minimize the abuse of TBL.

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