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We are a community that has to stick together, rivalry is something very good as long as it's kept in a normal way.

Because of the recent events i decided to take a step up with the rules (they will be updated in the following days) and make the game a better environment.

I was a player once i know how you guys feel,i know what you're thinking once you're either depressed or angry so at this point i would like to ask you to keep swearing at a minimum, i know it's not avoidable but trying to publicly humiliate someone just isn't the right way. (You could first receive warnings and if you keep on doing it a simple ban)


This said LostLegends will be unbanned later today,he will be muted for 7 days and his kingship will be taken on Friday.

He does deserve a second chance in my opinion,but if it does happen again i'll make sure there are no more chances.


P.s. If i see someone using any kind of cheat or TBL you will be banned no matter how long you're on Apex or how much items you purchased, no second chances when you're caught with this.


(This goes for all the players)

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