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Boss Event / Picture event

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The PK phase has begun and it has produced amazing action!

We decided that we'll be hosting 2x Boss Event on 1.5.2016! 



  • Location: Colony Zone (Around/inside bowl - Center monument)
  • Duration: 30 minutes
  • Addition: 80% NP increase 1 hour,40% NP increase 5 hours



#1 Boss event starting at 14:00 CET (+1 GMT)




#2 Boss event starting at 21:00 CET (+1GMT)

Special event:
  • Take pictures during the Boss event (The more PK action the better).
  • Send pictures to Alpha on forums OR post them into media section OR send them to us on Facebook.
  • Everyone who is going to participate will be rewarded with a pack of big scrolls - (2000HP - 350AC - (L) Lion Scroll)
  • The best picture is going to be rewarded with Wings of Hellfire (30 days)
  • Pictures will be posted on our Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/apexknightonline/?fref=ts

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