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Some notes on getting started

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Hey everyone,


Just thought I'd share a few notes on getting started :


1. If you're not level 83, you will automatically be leveled up to 83, every time you log out / in (so if you delvl, just relog :))

2. Existing character do not get the new items automatically, you will need to get them from [Gear Dispenser] in front of Moradon stairs!

3. Restat / reskill IS NOT FREE (unless you've got WAR / Switching Premium)

4. The FIRST CHARACTER you log in to will receive the 10 day Cospre items (1 time per account), they are NOT TRADABLE and NOT STORABLE. The exchanged versions (with stats on them, and wearable) are STORABLE however. Just make sure you know what to get in case you log into the wrong character :)

5. Level 62 scrolls are not automatically added to your inventory, they are however available for free from Sundries!

6. The [NP Merchant]s in Luferson and El Morad Castle will be disabled until the monthly contribution reset has taken place (tomorrow night 00:00) - everyone starts with a clean slate :)

7. The 10 days cospre / pathos / wings vouchers EXPIRE in 72h after receiving them (meaning, you MUST use them within 72h of receiving them)!


Hope to see you in-game!

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