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APEXKO.COM - A new dawn (29.04.2016)

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The countdown :



Launch event :

Logging in within the first 72h after the release will grant you Cospre Armors (10 days), Wings (10 days), and Pathos Gloves (x2, 10 days)! (These MUST be used within 72h after receiving them)


The starter Level :

You'll start at level 83/0, mastered with all skill and stat points available for you to distribute.

Died and deleveled? No problem, we'll fix you up every time you log in to the game!

You can level up to 83/5 and 2 PERMANENT stat points are granted for each level you obtain!


The Starter Gear :

The armors are (+8), the weapons are (+11) reverse. The priests shield is (+7)






The [Gear Dispenser] (for customization) :

Want to mix & match the available uniques, or you simply prefer MP on your mage armor, or perhaps you'd like STR bonus on your priest armor - he's the guy to go to!





Getting better gear :

- Hepa Weapons can be manufactured with the required ingredients (high-class weapons (+6)) and come out as the Hepa's equivalent at (+6) too, they can also be obtained from the Apexis Chests (which you can get by attending events!)

- Bifrost Fragments, Juraid Gems, and Forgotten Temple Chests drop the unique items (such as Sherions, Dark Vanes, and Cold-Hearted Dagger) at (+7)

- Krowaz armor is available to be obtained from Apexis Chests (which you can get by attending events!), as well as farming the materials for it during the Krowaz Dominion event

- Krowaz weapons are available to be manufactured given enough materials, which can be farmed from Ronark Land's level 80 quest monsters

- Trade in your MONTHLY NATIONAL POINTS for Medals (Knight, Royal Knight, King) for good, better, and best chances at all unique accessories and a few select unique weapons (and shields) at (+7)!

- Don't have a bunch of time on your hands? Why not try completing the [Weekly] Ronark Land quest "Better Weapons" - killing 250 players of the opposite nation in Ronark Land will  grant you (+11) reverse exceptional high-class weapons FOR A WEEK!

- More to come in the near future!


Clan bonuses :

Starting from 5 online clan members, your clans now automatically get bonuses applied to ALL members, check the upper right side of your screen (under the "ApexKO" tab) for exact information on how much your current bonus is. These bonuses increase all the way up to 50 members online!


Reduced Power-Up Store prices :

Some items in the Power-Up Store will be reduced in price, further details to come as we draw closer to the release!


Equipped item viewing on the website :

You'll be able to inspect all equipped items of any character you wish to via the website!


Please tell anyone you know that might be interested and help us get the word out there for some GREAT PK action!


We hope to see you in-game this Friday, and thank you for your continued support!

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