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ApexKO Movie Event

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Dear Apex knights,

we would like to invite you to join our movie competition.


Movie information:

  • Clips used in the movie can only be ApexKO related clips.
  • Movie duration has to be between 4 and 7 minutes.
  • The movie has to show the fun side of the server.


Content (What do we expect to see in the movie):

  • PK action,best would be picking active times since that will create a great atmosphere.
  • We expect to see a little bit of group farming. (e.g. Krowaz farming)
  • Include as much fun things from events as possible. (Farming - PKing)


How to join?

  • Simple post a video of ApexKO into media section after 10.3.2016.

What reward will you be obtaining?

  • Each movie created will be rewarded with 1500 Apex Points.
  • The best movie (#1) that will also be heavily promoted and will obtain 3000 Apex Points.



If you need help from the staff getting certain movie parts feel free to send us a message! 


Let your imagination do the work for you,we've set simple guidelines but you can do it your own way! 



  • k22k
  • DrMart3ns


Booth will be rewarded with 3.000 Apex Points

Each of their videos will be displayed on ApexKO Facebook!

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