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[Event] 19 February 2016 ~ 21 February 2016

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Hey everyone!


This weekend we'll be holding 2 events!


First off, we'll be running a 50% NP event starting from the server maintenance on Friday until Sunday night!


Secondly, we'll be holding 2 Kill the GM events on Saturday at the following 2 times, with 2 (very) special treats for everyone willing to participate!








We hope to see you there, as it will be memorable for sure!

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why not a EXP event too?  Maybe a boss event even, yall surely are lacking in the "event" department.


How much more than a 150% EXP event, as well as an increase to the bonus percentage premium offers, do you want it to be?


Boss events are horrible for the simple fact everyone thinks they should be receiving a drop, when they don't they'll start to bitch and moan how the event is just for (insert random name of top clan), failing that argument, people usually resort to "your spawns suck" or "spread them out more". If there's no fun for us to run it, we won't be running it.

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