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Price check - Priest gear

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Hello guys. I'm searching for a new private server for make some funny. I was accompanying the k4l and saw alot of activity here! So, following a short list of itens that I'm interessed.



Trial set +7

Priest chitin set +8



Holy animor +7

Lycaon hammer +7

Dread shield +7

DOL +7

SS +7



Secret silver earring +0/+1/+2

Lillimes enticement +0/+1/+2

Elemental pendant +0/+2

Ring of life +0/+1/+2

Leggionaire band +0/+1/+2

Ring of magic +0/+2

Iron neck +0

Glass belt +0

Old set (SSE, ROL, EP, Skeleton Belt)


As well, let me know about char prices: 83/3/4/5, Np's dont matter.


Prices: IGC or server cash (PUS), please! :)


Thanks alot!


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+1's accessories are quite easy to find, but you will have trouble buying straight +2's.


Armor sets should be quite easy to gather, same with hammers & shields.


edit: and welcome :)


hahaa... thanks for infos kanka! i'm just waiting my period of test to start..


Spankers is selling all that gear so flood his inbox with pms


i'll ;)

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