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Suggestion: /roll

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Random bump, but maybe.

In WoW it actually works like: /roll [[min-]max]
e.g. /roll 500-1000
or /roll 1000 (1-1000)

Default /roll (with no args) is just 1-100.

I'd prefer it to preserve context, i.e. if you used the command in clan chat it'd only be sent to clan members, etc. This rules out making it a "/" command. "!roll" would be nice, but "!" is also used for shouting, so that doesn't work either.

So it'd probably just have to act like a GM command (+roll). That can easily work. The command would then just be something like:
+roll [[min] max]

Since context is preserved, it can be sent to the relevant players (party/clan/alliance/general chat/etc).

Seems trivial enough.

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