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The very first blog post!

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Hey everyone,


Apologies for the absence of these promised blog-like posts, I’ve been rather busy!

I strive to be able to write these every week to let you all know what’s going on :)


Time to recap in order of things happening;

Launch - all things considered, this launch went very well in comparison with last launch. There was no lag, the launch happened on time, there was only 1 small oversight when we prepared for official - skill quests. To you guys this may have seemed like a major oversight, but it was very easy to recover from and I believe we pushed out the fix for this the same weekend! :)


One of our primary concerns right after launch had happened was to keep an eye out for a bug turks had found (but stated they weren’t going to release until launch had happened). Sure enough, when launch had finally happened they abused it - thankfully all that was to this bug was being able to dual wield 2H weapons (or a 2H weapon + a 1H weapon). This was fixed easily and characters that have been using this have all been banned.


Throughout the past 2 (and a half) weeks you guys found a myriad of small (and some slightly bigger) bugs. We’re working on these in order of ‘game-breaking’ priority - for example the problem with Dagger Defense applying to Jamadar weapons could potentially mess with the market for both the Jamadar weapons as well as the belt and necklace of quickness, and thus it was fixed relatively quickly compared to some other bugs :)


Looking at the upcoming week(s), we hope to be able to (finally) fix the archer failing sprees (we’ve put in 30+ hours to try and get to the bottom of it, unsuccessful so far), implement the Isiloon in bowl idea (Servants spawn, kill enough of them in time to let Isiloon spawn), fix the current Castle Siege War problems, implement a better matchmaking algorithm for Juraid, and get to the bottom of the priest canceling. Furthermore we’re looking ahead at the Krowaz expansion and we will be opening up discussions on how you would like to see this implemented (I personally believe the zone itself is not the correct way of adding it to the server).


Have a great week!

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