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Find the GM event on 27/09/2015

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Hey everyone,


We'll be hosting a find the GM event tomorrow, 27/09/2015.

The event will take place in Colony Zone!


We've got prizes for up to 3 winners, a Silver & Blue Gem for each of you! :)


19:00 GMT+2 Central Europe

20:00 GMT+3 Turkey

12:00 GMT-5 Peru 


Consider this event a test event, as we'll be inventarising which events you guys love the most! :)


Hope to see everyone there!

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Event wasnt that good.

Prizes were poore, whole event took like 10 minutes, never even saw the gm cause failed at finding him.

Kill GM events are much better, u should try something like that.

Award KC , for every GM kill give 1-2k nps, whoever wins summon some bosses in their capital.

Make this weekly event + suprise boss summons in Moradon when server is full of ppl.

And do fix that lvl jump so every1 jumps to 78 not just prem.

Personally this event had mgame smell to it.

Its all like whaooo at first then massive fail.

Go check Usko nowdays, even them are having couple of events for ppl just login in.

You need to move this alot faster.

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